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Weaving Haus Antiques is a way of turning our hobbies into a business. My wife and I are both historians, collectors, Civil War reenactors, WW1-WW2 reenactors and we love everything "old". We were in a green way before green was cool. Buying antiques is a way of recycling. I have been collecting since I was a child and it is in my blood. Our home was built when John Quincy Adams was president and my office has sandstone walls. When we are not out looking for antiques, we are living in the past at reenactments held across the country. Camping out on a Civil War battlefeid on any given weekend is what we do. This is how we got into rope bed restoration.

Weaving Haus Antiques is located in the historic Village of Zoar, Ohio. We are open by appointment.

You can call us at 330.340.9992 or send us an email at info@weavinghaus.com.

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Weaving Haus Antiques P.O. Box 605 120 West Fifth Street Zoar, Ohio 44697 330.340.9992

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